Lash Care

After wear it is important to clean and store your lashes properly so that they can have longevity.


  1. Remove lash from clear tray and line up the lash band against your waterline to find the perfect length for your eye
  2. Once you have lined up your lashes cut off the extra band 
  3. Apply lash adhesive of choice to the lash band
  4. Apply the lash as close and as a safe as you can to waterline for the most realistic look


  1. Safely remove lashes from both eyelids. This can be done by using a water or oil-based makeup remover. 
  2. Remove lash by the band and not the hairs. Improper techniques of lash strip removals can result in the loss of your own lash and damage to the lash strips
  3. Carefully remove lash adhesive from the lash line strip with makeup remover and a tweezer


  1.  Store lashes in clear tray package
  2. Use the spoolie from your package to brush through the lash hairs when there is makeup or glue buildup
  3. Use the tweezer to remove old glue residue from any previous wears

Tips: In order to preserve the style of the original CeeBeauty & Co Lash do not completely wet the lashes, apply mascara directly on them, and store them outside of the original packaging.